What we do


We provide skilled and specialised loaders and pushers to assist in loading trucks, cargo containers, as well as pushers to assist in pushing road cases and gear from one area to another.

Fork Hoist operator

We supply skilled and Licensed Forkhoist Operators for all gigs.

Lighting, Video, PA, loaders,Sound Hands

We supply Skilled and Experienced stage hands to assist in the set up of lights, sound, Video, Loading and unloading trucks, and pushing of road cases and concert gear.

Showcall crew and Spot Operators

Kiwi Krew supply Follow Spot Operators and Showcall and Stagehands for all gigs


We provide Skilled and Experienced Riggers under Australian based Company Southern Cross Rigging/ All Access Crewing. We are the Suppliers for Rigging at Spark Arena(formerly Vector Arena)

Roadies and Crewing

We provide Specialised and Skilled Roadies to assist in the setting up of Concerts and Entertainment Events in Auckland and around New Zealand.